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Corporate Advisory

Valuation and closing of Private Equity deal
Many Private equity deals are taking place in Bangladesh by both local and foreign investors. These deals require preparation of Information Memorandum, proper valuation, preparation of legal documents etc. By the service of PAMC, all of these works can be conducted professionally and efficiently.

Pre-IPO advisory service
According to the current law, companies with paid up capital above BDT 50 crore is obligated to get listed with the stock exchanges. Companies may also find capital market as a source of raising capital or increase liquidity of the stocks of those company. But, many of these companies remain unaware about expected valuation of their stock. Yearly accounts of these companies may also not prepared properly for the past years, which is a must for getting listed in the stock exchanges. PAMC provides professional Pre-IPO advisory service including preparation of Pre-IPO Information Memorandum with expected IPO valuation, preparation of previous years accounts etc.

Merger & Acquisition
Merger and acquisition can be used to create value to the owners of both companies. In this case, value of the combined company may reach at 5 where summation of value of the two companies can be 4. All type of service related to Merger & Acquisition is provided by PAMC.

Corporate restructuring
Many companies in Bangladesh are not profitable. PAMC provides Corporate restricting service to those by reorganizing the legal form, ownership status, capital structure, operational process, or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable, or better organized for its needs.

Market research service
To conduct business successfully, market research is a must. This report will help an investor know about important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. It may also help to target appropriate customer group as well as to formulate the best strategy.

Industry analysis service
Industry analysis examines total value chain of an industry. This encompasses scrutinizing the suppliers, customers, competitors etc. This data may be used to formulate a better strategy and be aware of potential threats.

Financial management service
Without proper financial management policy, a large portion of a company’s profitability may be washed away. Appropriate capital structure not only enhances profitability but also helps the business to assume appropriate level of risk. In addition, proper dividend policy can play a significant role to increase value of the company as well as price of a stock, if it is listed.

Conversion of legal status
According to the current law, a Private limited company with paid up capital more than BDT 40 crore must be converted into a Public limited company. Though many Private companies crossed the paid up capital limit of BDT 40 crore, those companies didn’t take any initiative to convert. PAMC provides professional advising service to help them complete the conversion successfully.

Formation of companies
Formation of new company is a complex work. And the company may want to have financial projection of future cash flow. PAMC provide company formation and financial projection service.